1. Hi I'm Jon!

      I like solving complex problems and meeting interesting people. Then again, I like meeting complex people and solving interesting problems too!

    2. Jon of all trades.

      I've always loved books, and learning new things. In my professional life, that translates to a really broad skill set. I helped found Algas Organics, and I currently consult on strategy and operations. I'm also great with product development, business planning, financial management, even HR consulting, which I do now with the University of British Columbia.

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    3. Mindspace.
      Lateral Thinking.

      I spend a lot of time corralling complementary (and often disparate) concepts and processes and applying them in my work. When I'm not doing that, I'm probably travelling, watching basketball, or lost in some music.

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    1. about me

      short history


      I'm an academic at heart, an analyst by training, and a strategist by trade.

      I've lived in lots of countries and cities, but I call Vancouver home. I used my college and grad school education to follow my passions and explore possibilities, from understanding the political philosophy and economic trajectory of the formerly colonized nation-state to developing core skills around financial analysis and strategic management. By day, I'm an HR Consultant, using analytical models to determine the impact of collective bargaining proposals on compensation costs for over 20,000 employees. When I'm not doing that, I'm consulting on everything from product development to growth strategies at Algas Organics, my family's organic fertilizer and coastal management business. In my spare time, I'm consulting with startups and SMEs on things like product differentiation, managing growth and expansion, and establishing market presence. You can find my detailed resumé below, and more about me on the right.
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    2. about me

      more history

      My Story

      When I was a kid, I wanted to be a politician. I did most of my growing up on the small island of Saint Lucia before moving to Barbados for college and grad school at the University of the West Indies, where I studied Political Science and Psychology and International Trade and Trade Policy. After graduation, I completed internships at the UN Conference on Trade and Development in Geneva and the Centre for Trade Policy and Law in Ottawa, and returned to Saint Lucia to join the Ministry of Commerce as a Senior Policy Officer. During that time, I recruited some grad school friends and started the Caribbean's first eThinkTank, the Caribbean Centre for Research on Trade and Development (CCRTD). Our goal was to mainstream the concept of data-driven decision-making by providing non-partisan empirical research to policymakers. I won a prestigious research award and joined the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa. I traveled and worked in a few different places after that, but I kept coming back to Canada (this may or may not have had something to do with an incredible woman I met).

      In 2014, my brother and I discovered that we could turn an invasive species of seaweed that was taking over our beaches into a potent biofertilizer. Just like that, I'd been presented with an opportunity to combine my research and analysis skills with my growing interest in business management. I wrote the GMAT and began my MBA, which allowed me to manage our strategic planning, finance, and marketing functions and implement the things I was learning in real time. After the MBA, I moved to Calgary, and then to Vancouver. The incredible woman (her name is Sara), now my wife, got a job as a law professor at the University of British Columbia, so we've (finally!) settled permanently. I'm an HR Consultant by day, and a SME consultant the rest of the time. I enjoy learning new lessons everyday, and passing on these lessons to startups. I'm also teaching myself how to code (this website is an ongoing project!), and traveling every chance I get (29 countries and counting!✈️).

    1. skills

      With knowledge growing so rapidly in almost every field and industry, there is perspective and vision in the cross-fertilization of ideas that comes from developing a broad skill set.

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    2. Research

      Research is my most universally transferrable skill. I've used it to develop evaluation methodologies, identify critical gaps in strategic plans, and much more.


      The ability to analyze and synthese data into insights and ideas is one of my core skills.


      I use data and research to find patterns, develop insights, and devise policies and strategies.

      Lateral Thinking

      Experience and education in multiple fields allow me to solve problems by using divergent ideas and looking at adjacent possibilities.

      01. Strategic Planning

      02. Project Management

      03. Financial Analysis

      04. Research

      5. Data Analysis

      6. Management Consulting

      7. Marketing

      8. Coding

  1. education

    Education is not preparation for life.
    Education is life itself.-John Dewey

    In a world characterised by rapid change, my ultimate goal is to be constantly learning and growing-to stay ahead of the curve, to not be left behind.

    • 01.

      BA, Political Science and Psychology (Double Major)

      The University of the West Indies
      2008 - 2011
    • 02.

      MA, International Trade and Trade Policy

      The University of the West Indies
      2011 - 2012
    • 03.

      MBA, Finance and Strategic Management

      Schulich School of Business, York University
      2015 - 2016
  2. employment

    • 2019 - now

      UBC - HR Consultant

      Analyze and model collective agreement proposals across 10 union groups, and provide comprehensive compensation consulting services across the University.
    • 2014 - now

      Algas Organics - Strategy Consultant

      Direct short to mid-term strategic outlook, develop and implement finance and operations plans, and research current and emerging technologies.
    • 2018

      UBC - Program Manager

      Shaped the unit's overall strategic outlook, and developed an online engagement metrics monitoring platform.

    I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.
    -Thomas Jefferson

    1. my passions

      In search of

      I don't believe we can achieve perfect balance in our lives, but we can do things to preserve or enhance our mental and physical health and wellbeing. My strategy is to manufacture quality time to pursue side projects, personal passions, or just de-stress. I love art and literature, chronicling my travels with photos, and expanding my proficiency at web design/development and coding by building websites like this one.

      I'd love to share some of that with you.

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  3. blog

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